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Ziarat in Iran

If you are a Muslim, you may well know there are many ziarat locations in Iran. For you as a non-Muslim, I first say that Ziarat means Pilgrimage in holy places. This article provides both Muslims and non-Muslims with information regarding ziarat-gahs (holy places for pilgrimage) in Iran. The main ziarat cities in Iran are MashhadQomShiraz, and Tehran. Our Iran Tour Operator tries it’s best to satisfy all kinds of interests with its various Iran tour packages. So first read about all places in Iran and then choose where you like to visit. Let’s see what the main holy places in Iran are.

Note: the general rule in all holy shrines in Iran is that women should wear a Chador (a long scarf). You can find Chadors around the shrines as well and buy one or borrow I from the shrine. So consider this before you visit these places.

Where Are Ziarat Locations in Iran?

Teheran/QumQum – Raudhah Of Janab al-Masuma Fatima Binte Imam Musa al-Kadhim A.S.
Masjid al-Jumkaran
Teheran – ZiyaraatsRaudhah of Shah Abdul Azim
Raudhah of Imamzada Saleh Bin Imam Moosa al-Kadhim A.S.
Raudhah of Janabe Hamza Bin Abul Qasim Ibne Imam Moosa al-Kadhim A.S.
Raudhah of Sayyed Tahir
Raudhah of Sheikh Sudduque
Koahe Bibi Shahrbanoo A.S.
Museum of Teheran
Raudhah of Imam Ali Ridha’ A.S.

How to apply for an Iran tourist visa in Islamabad

Getting a visa for Iran in Islamabad, Pakistan isn’t necessarily difficult… but it requires some patience.
You have to collect several documents before heading to the embassy, and getting to the embassy is time-consuming as it’s located in the highly secured Diplomatic Enclave of Islamabad. Expect the process to take at least a week.

What documents do I need to apply for an Iran tourist visa in Islamabad?

The first document you need is a visa application form. There are two ways you can apply for an application form for an Iran tourist visa:

If you are a foreigner in Pakistan, or if you’ve already been to Iran before, you need to apply through a tour operator. The tour operator will apply on your behalf at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tehran. If you apply via the e-visa portal, there’s a good chance you’ll be denied a visa.

Documents required to apply for an Iran visa in Islamabad

There are several other documents required in addition to the application form. Several of the below-mentioned documents are not normally required when applying for Iranian tourist visas in other countries, but foreigners applying in Islamabad must provide them.

  • Copy of passport information page. Bring two copies.
  • Copy of CNIC. Only for Pakistanis.
  • Two passport size photos with white background
  • Copy of Pakistan visa. If applicable.
  • Copy of all other visas in passport. Only for foreigners applying at the Iranian embassy in Islamabad.
  • Letter of intention. This is a letter signed by you briefly stating why you want a tourist visa, where you’re going, and how you’ll get around. Don’t mention using your own transportation (ex. car, motorbike). This will lead to the rejection of the visa. Say you’re using public transport. This is only for foreigners applying at the Iranian embassy in Islamabad.
  • Proof of health insurance. Must be in English and should say it covers Iran.

Pakistani ladies who wish to travel to Iran alone also need an authorization letter from their father or husband.

Visa fees must be paid in Pakistani rupees.

Cost of a tourist visa for Iran

  • Schengen Nationalities: €50
  • Australian/New Zealand: €100
  • British: €180
  • American: €60
  • Canadian: €50
  • Pakistani: €25

At the time of writing, €50 was 8,125 Rs.

Once you’ve paid and returned the pay slip to the Iranian embassy clerk, you’ll be told when to come back and how to check on your application.

The clerk might not be able to give you much information and will tell you to wait for a phone call. I suggest calling back three days after the day of the application to check on its status. I applied on Monday and received the visa on Thursday afternoon.

A note for foreigners

Foreigners will likely be told visa processing takes a minimum of two weeks. Luckily in my case, it didn’t take that long. However, the clerk at the Iranian embassy might tell you to keep your passport and wait for them to call you. I did this, and I ended up having to visit the embassy two more times before I had my visa. Once to deliver my passport, once to pick it up.

I suggest leaving your passport at the embassy even though the clerk says it’ll take two weeks. It probably won’t,  since the ministry in Tehran already approved the application. Just make sure the clerk notes down your phone number so you can be contacted when processing is complete.

There you have it, a complete guide on how to apply for a tourist visa for Iran at the embassy in Islamabad. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments.

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